Friday, October 16, 2009

Current Project

ile i sit here drinking my cuppa, and nibble at my bicuits. There is work to be done! Im glad that my portfolio for UNI next year is out of the way, i can ease my head a little bit and move forward. The big project is about "Putting compassion into fashion!" Basically, I have chosen to do a range on outerwear inspired by Nihilism and the colour palette of Michelangelo's art fresco 'The Last Judgement'. I realised that my first set of technical boards and range wasnt good enough so i have been in the mood lately, sketching away. Doing what i do best!

I had many ambitions for this project, pattern making and sewing one of the garments instead of revamping, as sustainability is an important factor in this range. I also wanted to create a website and a tv show as well, but the lack of money and time has made me reconstruct what i can do. So instead of making a website, im going to see what i can do to implement a database into this wonderful blog!

Meanwhile, my suggestion is go make yourself a cuppa tea or coffee. You cant be a fashionista without loving a cuppa!

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